Cost decrease per
order of 65 %

We helped the project Zá, the second largest seller of package tours in the Czech Republic, to double their number of holiday bookings and at the same time decrease marketing costs for receiving the bookings by 65 %!

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We increased cat
adoptions by 167 %

The unique campaign on Tinder, where abandoned pets and new owners could be matched, brought an increase in adoptions and, thanks to media (including television) interest, the shelters had a media impact to a value of CZK 400 000 for free.

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Progressing among
the online market leaders

Our cooperation in modernizing the website launched it among the three biggest vendors in the Czech Republic. We also simplified the ordering process combining purchasing, selling and repayment. For example, we have a unique one-step shopping cart.

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The first YouTube
series on financial

More than 1.2 million young Czechs saw the first series of Cash Crew. The show is youth-oriented and thus helps young people increase their financial literacy.

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The most functional website
of the city’s districts

Designing the visual solution and informational structure of the website so that it makes life easier for both citizens and the city hall, makes it easier to find a solution for life situations incl. colloquial terms, i.e. „občanka“ (Czech for ID – občanský průkaz) and is world class.

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Ultra-targeted creative
video content increased
brand awareness

As a first in the Czech Republic, we brought ultra-targeted creative content to YouTube, which made the brand of ERV Evropská pojišťovna 13% more known. Hundreds of variations of the ad were shown in the context of content that individual users watched.

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Visitor numbers
increased tenfold wanted to become the most visited personal finance website. During our years of collaboration, this happened when we increased the unpaid search engine traffic by more than 10x to today’s 1.5 million monthly visitors.

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IMC Czech Awards 2017
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IMC Czech Awards 2017
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